The ultimate give attention to 1xbet bonuses and payment methods

The ultimate give attention to 1xbet bonuses and payment methods

If you’ve always wondered what the peculiarities of 1xbet bonuses are, from the welcome offer to periodic promotions, you are in the right place to find out. On this page we are going to review the offers of the prestigious English bookmaker . We are going to also examine the features (fees, timing and ceilings) of the systems for deposits and withdrawals.

As you can see from the element above, we have divided the topics we are going to cover on our 1xbet bonus page. If one of these interests you more than the others, you just have to click on it to be taken to the corresponding part of the page . If not, continue reading in the same order we have chosen for the various themes of our discussion.

All 1xbet bonuses examined in detail

Here we have been ready to start with our thematic page on the various 1xbet bonuses. As easily understandable, to start with we are going to deal with the welcome bonus proposed by the British bookmaker. This is because, in addition to offering a decidedly interesting ceiling, due to its mixed nature between first deposit and repayment of bets, it really is particularly intriguing. Later, we are going to also look after the periodic promotions provided if the welcome offer runs out.

€ 210 for new users: the 1xbet welcome bonus

When it is true that the welcome offer is often one of the decisive factors in choosing an online bookmaker, we can safely say that the 1xbet welcome bonus can interest users with little experience with the world of betting in addition to those who are more experienced and accustomed. at a constant level of games. What this bookie offers is a total bonus of € 210, divided into € 10 the first deposit and another € 200 in weekly blocks of € 5 .

We have been faced with a rather substantial ceiling, compared for example to that proposed by a bookie like SportPesa. What makes this offer particularly attractive, nonetheless, can be the delivery method. But let’s go to be able. To start with, to receive it, you must register on the operator’s internet site by entering the promotional code ZITT10, making a first recharge of at least € 10 (by credit card or PayPal) within 7 days. In this way, you will receive up to € 10 that can be used for your bets, corresponding to 50% of the amount paid. The second phase will occupy the next 40 weeks: in this time frame it is possible to receive one more weekly bonus of € 5 for a total value of € 200. In order to receive these tranches, it is necessary to open the “€ 5 weekly bonus” page every seven days and place 1 single or multiple sports bet of not less than € 5 with a minimum stake of 1.80. The € 5 weekly block will be credited immediately, and not participating in more than one weekly bonuses will not cause you to lose your right to the promotion for the following weeks. In short, depositing a first time and playing € 5 a week: all quite simple. But, if you prefer other styles of bonuses, take a look at the Eurobet welcome bonus .

How to get the 1xbet welcome bonus

Ten euros immediately, plus another five, regularly, within the next 280 days: especially if you intend to be constant bettors, the 1xbet welcome bonus seems to be made on purpose, because it allows you to have a weekly ceiling available without affecting your budget an excessive amount of. An extremely reasonable solution, even if perhaps not of great sensational effect. But let’s see what are the steps to try be able to access the offer, summarized in the element below.

  • Step 1: Find out more about the features of the 1xbet welcome bonus by clicking on the link on this page.
  • Step 2: On the 1xbet internet site, click on the gray button at the top right that says “Register”, if the offer suits you.
  • Step 3: Sign up for 1xbet by filling out the registration form and insert the promotional code ZITT10. 
  • Step 4: Make the first deposit of the minimum number of € 10 and immediately receive € 10 for your bets. 
  • Step 5: Play at least 1 € 5 bet every 7 days and receive a € 5 refund for the next forty weeks.

The validity of the welcome offer

There are two numbers to keep in mind, regarding the validity period of the 1xbet welcome bonus: 7 and 40. Let’s start with the second, which designates the time interval (forty weeks, in fact) in which it is possible to receive the most substantial welcome bonus, in blocks of € 5 each. Seven are the days that you have available to make the first deposit, from the moment of registration; but also the frequency in days in which you will receive the € 5 blocks that will lead us to reach the overall ceiling proposed by the English operator. Finally, there are also seven days in which each single tranche will be valid .

No no deposit bonuses, yet

Unlike an operator like BetFlag , 1xbet is part of the vast array of .it online bookmakers who, at the moment, usually do not provide for the availability of a no deposit bonus for his or her users. Which means we are going to not be able to refrain from making a first deposit, to take advantage of the kind gift for new bettors put in place by the British bookmaker.

1xbet Multiple Bonus and other promotions

And once the 1xbet welcome bonus finishes, after the 40-week length? Avoid being afraid, the yellow-black bookmaker will not leave you alone, and indeed will continue to lull you with some other interesting periodic promotions. In fact, it might often happen that you make use of particular bonuses linked to Serie A bets , also due to the fact that until recently 1xbet was a Juventus betting partner. In addition, there was the Multiple Bonus, the most classic of the periodic promotions of online betting sites. It really is applied to multiple bets starting from the fifth event on the ticket with at least 1.50 odds, up to a maximum of 16 events that can be inserted, as we have seen in the general report on this operator .The multiplier at the sixteenth event reaches up to 80% for the possible win. Double chance bets are excluded from the promotion.

The promotions associated with the betting exchange

1xbet is the inventor of an adrenaline- fueled method that is betting betting exchange , makes it possible for the bettor to “transform” into a bookmaker and thus propose to other users odds on certain events ( or to accept those that come from other users proposed to him) . For those who want to try this type of play, 1xbet provides discounts on commissions(normally around 5%) which can be requested by operators, making them drop to 2% for new users, or to even lower values ​​(under 1%) for the most loyal users of Punta & Banca, as it is also called the betting exchange. In addition, the operator provides a welcome bonus for novice users of this game system: for the very first 5 weeks of registration you will get a 100% refund up to € 50 on bets manufactured in this mode.

Promotions on poker, casino and non-sports games

On the 1xbet platform, you will find much more besides sports betting and the exchange. In fact, there was the possibility of playing at the casino (including live), slots, poker and other games : for each of these sectors there are promotions, ranging from the casino welcome offer (€ 25 without deposit plus a refund of up to € 1,000) to prize pools for poker tournaments to free spins on slot machines. As always, the invitation is to read carefully the terms and conditions of each individual offer, that is rarely combined with the others.

The promotional code to have the welcome bonus

Although we have already talked about it in a previous paragraph, it really is worth reiterating the concept here too. A necessary and sufficient condition for you to get the 1xbet welcome bonus isn’t only having made your first deposit, but also entering the promotional code ZITT10 during registration . If you forget to carry out this procedure, you would not be “registered” in the welcome promotion, losing the right to receive it.

The conditions of the welcome bonus

Given the non-immediate (although actually quite simple) mode of disbursement of the 1xbet welcome bonus, it really is worth reiterating here what the requirements are required to be able to access this promotion. The very first area of the bonus, which can go up to a maximum of € 10, is credited to the “Bonus with wagering requirements” balance at the same time as the very first payment is made. For the second part it will be necessary to place a bet of at least € 5 every week. This operation is repeatable 40 times. Each tranche is credited immediately upon fulfillment of the required conditions and should be played at least once by the following Sunday. It’s important to bet on minimum odds of at least 1.80, and, in the case of a multiple, at least one of the selected events must have odds of 1.80. Yet,Wire Transfer, Paysafecard, Skrill or Neteller should not be used . These are very intuitive requirements and in line with what is done by most .it bookmakers.

The deposit and withdrawal methods

Let’s now go into a somewhat technical, but extremely important issue, such as that of 1xbet payment methods. The range of possibilities available is quite broad. There are in fact the main credit and debit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, or the prepaid cards of various institutions such as Postepay. It is also possible to pay and receive money through the main electronic wallets in addition to with the innovative Apple Pay system. It is also possible to use Paysafecard and the traditional bank transfer, which always has the advantage of having very high limits, but the defect of requiring many days to be credited or debited.

As for the withdrawal from the gaming account only, nonetheless, you must take into account that you will not be able to use Paysafecard. The fastest withdrawal times are those of the three electronic wallets, with which payments in your favor will require only 12-24 hours. We then underline a decidedly positive factor: for no payment method, neither incoming nor outgoing, there are commissions .

Between welcome bonuses and promotions, the vote is positive

Here we have been at the fateful moment of the final balance of our review on 1xbet bonuses. We can say that the English bookmaker has more important arrows in its bow, but that even in this field it is respected. The welcome bonus has a high cap , and can tempt those who are looking for offers that last over time and don’t run out immediately. Some downsides are represented by its conditions of use: a minimum price of 1.80 is quite high, especially since the Exchange section is excluded. On the other hand, the fact of having to play the bonus only once to be able to withdraw it really is positive.

The other promotions are varied and captivating. On the list of payment methods there are a number of different choices, some of which have been added by 1xbet recently. Some regret should be expressed for the decision to exclude some payment options from those used for the welcome bonus . In the meantime, we can promote the London bookmaker pending the next inviting promotions.


   We have tried to be exhaustive and complete, but do not hesitate to us if you still have questions or concerns about 1xbet, by sending an email to .

💳 Why can’t I always select the withdrawal method?

To prevent fraud and money laundering attempts, 1xbet has a circular payments policy. To ensure that the funds withdrawn return to their original source, you are only allowed to withdraw with the same payment method used for the deposit.

💻 Can I use the 1xbet bonus on esports?

It’s not possible to use the 1xbet welcome bonus on bets associated with eSports, for the simple reason that this sport is not currently present in the operator’s schedule.

💰 could I make the first payment by bank transfer?

You need to use the bank transfer for the very first deposit, but by doing so you will not be entitled to receive the welcome bonus. This system, together with the Skrill and Neteller e-wallets and the prepaid Paysafecard does not give the right to receive it.

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